A new business concept: THE OES NETWORK.

The automotive activities of We trade it are developed by a dedicated Business Unit, WTI automotive. We operating in the automotive sector a network of production companies operating the automotive sector and the BU serves the main players of the independent automotive replacement markets and the OEM on an international basis.

OE expertise also for your aftermarket needs

The broad Original Equipment experience allows the Unit to offer products to satisfy the servicing needs of a diverse spare parts encompassing Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), trucks and passengers cars.

The innovative selling solution is currently sought by the main international players looking for quality, mass production advantages, timing and reliability.

Our goal is to create new possibilities for emerging brands. We cooperate with our clients in several business aspects:

  • - Sales strategy
  • - Sourcing
  • - Networking development
  • - Marketing activities

Our team has developed a partnership with a family-owned Italian company to increase its international market shares. Every ingredient is carefully selected from trusted sources, each recipe is designed by veterinarians and nutritionists to meet specific nutritional requirements and every product is tested for quality and safety before leaving the facilities.

We develop international sales strategy and private label projects

We are a sourcing solution for the food & beverage industry with a distinct propensity for Made-in-Italy products. Our food & beverage business unit is driven to support the challenges of your business and offer the best customers service possible. We also introduce special offers in a variety of new and existing markets.

Our commitment is to bring our customers together with top quality producers and our business is based on a wide and diverse product range.

GOODNESS through quality and safety

We develop private label brands and market and sell numerous selected brands of high-quality products (hair, body, skin and oral).

Beauty care categories:
Make up, skin care, accessories, wet wipes, shampoo, bath foam and perfume.

Baby care categories:
Wipes, nappies, baby wash, bubble bath, haircare, lotion, oil, powder, diapers cream and cologne

At We trade it we’re creating new ways for customers to connect, interact and increase their business. We do it by combining the latest technology with the best intuitive design.

Our goal is to turn smart ideas into solid business.

No matter what the challenge is, the best way to predict the future is to create it …together!